Tele2 is a swedish telecom operator, serving more than 30 million subscribers in 10 countries. The total revenue is more than 3 billion USD. They offer product such as Mobile and fixed-line telephony, cable TV and Internet services, both fixed and mobile. Often each county host several stores, such as for residential customers and business customers.

With that amount of unique and fragmented stores, Tele2 decided to launch a program and invested in the platform of Magento. Magento offered a lot of off the shelf functionality which would much reduce the cost and need for development, but Magento needed to be extended to support the Telecom unique business models with subscription, installments, subsidy, SIM-cards, activation types, etc.

The total project continued for more than 3 years, rolling out a unified store to each country, yet each store could adapt each countries specific need and diversified products. It might be one of the most powerful and state of the art e-commerce solution that have been launched, given Tele2 a great position for the future.

Roll out included countries as Sweden, Netherlands, Austria and Baltic countries with more to follow.

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